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Justin Bailey       Welcome to my personal site. Here you will find out quite a bit about me. This site is dedicated for a place for me to put up my interests, my hobbies, my passions, my opinions, my ideas, my faith, my own personal beliefs, and opinions. On this site, this is my place to simply express myself and not hold back.

This little corner of the internet that I have claimed my own will also tell a story of my life... things that I've been through and where I am attempting to steer my life. Things on this site can and will get down right personal. I guess at some point you can consider this an online journal for me. A place for me to express myself but to make it free for anyone to read... Expressing you're thoughts, emotions, opinions, and passions, are a healthy way to vent and get out things that sometimes you simply can't talk about. I find it difficult sometimes to express myself or talk about certain things. I hope that I can use this as an avenue to remedy that very issue for myself. That is my ultimate goal with this site, to be able to express myself and share my life with those that choose to follow the site as it grows.

I hope that my family, friend's, and even strangers find this site to be useful and educational as I work on it and as it takes a life of it's own as a branch of my own mind.


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“do the very best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep on doing so until the end.”
                                                        -- President Abraham Lincoln
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The Stream

October 10th, 2018

The site, well all of my site's are undergoing a major overhaul as I am in the middle of switching hosting servers. I promise to get back to posting more reguarly when things settle down. JBaileyStudio.com has taken on more of a "corporate role" and I am in the midst of expanding the site's under JBaileyStudio.com to offer high-quality services & innovative products! Please check back for more post's as I will keep you updated on the progress that I am making as well as things going on in my personal life as I see fit, but right now my focus is on my network.