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About Me       So you're curious to learn a little more about me? Well, this page is more like a resume page than an about me page really. You'll still learn a great deal about me just based off of my history but this website as a whole is really one giant "about me" page. However, I will give you some insight into my background, where I came from and where I have been.

My life

Lincoln Quote       I was born in Suffolk, Virginia where I attended Isle of Wight Academy up until 8th grade. My family made a major life decision to move to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania at that time and I then went on to finish my schooling and earn my high school diploma from Lititz Christian School.

      While I was in high school I got my first job working at the local Subway shop. I was basically the night manager and worked there for roughly 3 years. After graduating high school I landed a job working for Lancaster County Wide Communications as a 911 dispatcher. I hung on to the job working nights and 12 hour shifts for about a year and then decided it was time to join the military. My life was about to take a drastic change as I'm sure you're already assuming.

      I made the decision to join the Army as an MP (Military Police). I attended MP school at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri and was OSUT meaning I completed basic training and stayed right where I was for MP training right away with the same drill sergeants for 6 months. Upon graduating MP school I was immediately stationed in overseas in Germany where I spent 4 years working and training as an MP in Kaiserslautern, Germany. I had many opportunities that I took advantage of to do such things as "rail missions" where we guarded cargo on trains and I vistied other countries such as Luxembourg, Belgium, and Denmark.

      In 2006 I was called upon and deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was during my deployment that I was injured and developed servere PTSD. After returning back to Germany from Iraq I struggled deeply and was eventually medically retired out of service in 2007. I am now a 100% disabled Veteran through the VA.

      I forged on and attended Liberty University through their online program using my G.I. Bill and studied Theological studies. I was focused on doing whatever I could to keep myself busy and distracted. I have a service dog, her name is Kirra, she was my dog in Germany. She has now gotten to an old age and is no longer able to perform her duties for me as a service dog as she has some health issues so I have taken on a new German Shepherd, Lincoln (named after President Abraham Lincoln) to become my new service dog and let Kirra retire in peace.

      I also founded JBaileyStudio.com a computer repair studio where I do computer repair and optimization services for people locally in my area here in Lancaster, PA as well as around the world via a secure remote connection. I work for donation only as I cannot claim income so the site has become a hobby and just another way to keep me busy.

      I have a son (Derek) that lives with his mother in Wisconsin and I have married the love of my life, Maxine Bailey in 2017. We live in comfortably in Lancaster County, PA with our four dogs. Kirra, Sage, Lincoln (all pure bred German Shepherds) and Annastasia (Anna) a Boston Terrier mix (my wife rescued her).

      -- Justin Bailey

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