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Cross       So you're interested in my religious beliefs? Well I will start off by saying that I am a Christian but not the typical Christian that you would think of. I take the text in the scriptures of the Bible into actual context where a lot of Christians take it for face value. So where most Christians would say that something is a sin, I would disagree with them... Getting into the foundation of a person's religious beliefs is hard to define at it's deepest levels which is why this page will always be under construction as I grow in my own faith and want to share more with people who visit my site and check out this page. However, the information that is posted on the page thus far, does reflect my beliefs.

My Faith

      First off I want to say that I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I do not have a relationship with any one church. I do not consider myself to be labeled under any denomination of any church of any kind. Like in the video posted below, I don't have a "religion" I have a personal relationship with Christ. I believe that is the way that it was meant to be. Religion is something that was made up by man, it wasn't given to us by Christ or anyone.

      I bet if Jesus was standing in front of you right now and you asked him how his spiritual life was his response would be like "umm, what do you mean?". See, Christ didn't have religion or a spiritual life as people call it today. Christ had a "relationship" with his father (God).

      I'm not the perfect Christian by any means. There was only one perfect man to ever walk on this earth and that was Jesus Christ. I have my downfalls and my weaknesses just like you or anybody else, but I do my best each day to strive to live my life in the manner and the example that Christ set for us.

      I do believe that the only way to heaven is to ask for forgiveness of you're sins and to ask for Christ to come into you're heart. To accept him. To believe in him. To do you're very best to live the way he laid out for us in the Bible. Sure, you're not going to even come close to being like Christ, all he asks of us is to try.

      One thing that bothers me (and I am guilty of it as well) is that God gave us 24 hours in a day. Now our days are filled with work, errands, and other responsibilities, but when was the last time you gave God 1 hour out of those 24? When was the last time you read the Bible and prayed and worshiped him (outside of church) for just 1 hour? Is that really asking too much from God? Our creator that gave us life itself? That made you, created you, allows you to get up each day? When do we as Christians actually give God the time he deserves?

      Another thing that I want to address is the hypocrisy of people calling out Christians and saying that they are bad people and that they are hypocrits and don't follow their own Bible etc. etc. Well, when was the last time you followed you're own faith to the T? When was the last time you considered yourself perfect in the eyes of you're own faith? Sure their are Christians that just get up and go to church on Sunday's for an hour and a half and that's all the interaction they have for the entire week with their faith. I call them fair weather Christians. It's almost like they just want the title because they went to church so they feel like it applies to them. But the fact is, their hearts probably aren't pure, they probably don't really practice the faith or what they preach yet those are the "Christian's" that give the rest of us Christian's a bad name because they are the one's that get into political debates and such and then try to bring God into it. They get violent and have no respect for other people's rights, opinions, or their own self respect. The fact is, these aren't Christians that you are dealing with. Come talk to someone who actually practices (or tries to) what they preach and you will witness an entirely different outlook on what Christians are. People need to stop taking a small group and labeling them in with the rest and saying that ALL Christians are this and that. It has gotten to be ridiculous. People make false assumptions based on a few groups not the entire masses. But hey, I'm not going to judge them, they can do as they please, in my opinion, they will answer to the Lord when their time comes whether they want to believe that or not.

      I hate religion, but I love Jesus...

      Here is another video by Pastor Rob Bell. Pastor Bell caught a lot of critisim for his interpretation of the Bible and his stance on certain things but I agree with a lot of what Pastor Bell says....

     Have you're own thought's and doubts about God and heaven and how the Bible works and what it teaches? I challenge you to purchase a DVD by Pastor Bell called Everything Is Spiritual. He will bring the scientific view points into reality and bring them into what the Bible teaches and open up a whole new way that you may look at the world and God, or you may choose to simply dismiss everything he says, but the truth is in the pudding as they say. Purchase Rob Bell's DVD here on Amazon. I challenge you to disprove what he proves in the DVD. Or, I have posted a full length YouTube Video of the DVD below for you to watch.

Rob Bell - Everything Is Spiritual

     (Full Presentation 1hr 18mins) *Caution* This could change your life!
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