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Hobbies       So this is the page of my site where I will go over some of the hobbies that I have which aren't much mind you, but the few that I have are sufficient for me to sustain myself and keep myself busy with my day to day activities. Some hobbies are simple, some get a little more complex, some are common, and some are not so common. I'm willing to bet that you can relate to at least one of my hobbies though. Anyways, let me dive in here and introduce you to a part of my life...


Books I enjoy reading quite a bit. When you read, you are constantly educating yourself whether it be the fact that you're reading an educational book or a fiction book. If you're reading a fiction book, you're still learning beacause you're constantly expanding you're vocabulary. My favorite author is John Grisham, I have all of his books on my Kindle and always get his latest book when it comes out right away!


MLB I am a HUGE baseball fan! The Boston Red Sox are my favorite team and have been since I was little. I am always watching games when I can and if I can't watch I try to at least listen. I am always checking stats, box scores, and keeping tabs on what's going on in the minor league system as well. Baseball is definetely my #1 sport!

Computers & Technology

JBaileyStudio.comI am a huge computer "nerd". I am the founder/owner of JBaileyStudio.com. At JBaileyStudio.com we do custom resume and cover letter services. Our resume writing services cater to ALL job situations, ALL skill sets, and to ALL levels of experience! Our talented team of professional resume writers can help with entry-level, professional-level, career-change, executive resumes and more. Your personality needs to shine to a hiring manager in less than 10 seconds. Our resumes are built to highlight your features and help you get an interview.

Service Dog Training

Service DogI work with and train service dogs. I currently have a German Shepherd that is going through training to become my new service dog (I suffer from PTSD from being injured in Iraq). I am able to teach the dog(s) all basic commands but need to go through advanced traning courses with certified training programs so that the dog(s) can be trained with distractions and also have the socialization that they need. It typically takes roughly 2 years to train a dog to be a fully trained service dog. I really enjoy training and working with the dog(s) and it can be very time consuming to go through training sessions with a dog. Typically you train for 30-45 mins because a dog needs a break from the training session as they lose their focus, then you can come back and hour or two later and start training again. Everyone trains differently and has their own methods of training and I have my own just like everyone else does. My methods can be and are just as effective as any other trainer's method. I use positive reinforcement training.


MoviesI love to watch movies especially movies that are based on true events. My all time favorite movie is Gladiator, however, my favorite actor is Denzel Washington. I love to collect movies and I am always adding to my library as I can. I enjoy action movies, dramas, and sci-fi. Sorry, the romance movies and the horror movies just don't do it for me. I guess with horror movies I just find them to be too predictable and silly more than scary. Some of my other favorite movies include The Equalizer, John Q, The Departed, 2 Guns, and Safe House.


MusicMusic is therapy, simply put. I love all kinds of genres of music. I will listen to anything ranging from classical piano to some rap. If I had to break down my favorite genres it would be R&B and Country music. I enjoy Usher, Tank, Ne-Yo, Keith Urban, Rascall Flatts, Kenney Chesney, Dan & Shay, and Tim McGraw just to name a few. Music can help set or change my mood. That is why I consider it to be so theraputic. I love to go for a drive and put on some music that suits my mood and just drive. To have that total control and have the music with it is so relaxing to me. Some music can feed my demons as well so I have to be careful about how I listen and to what I listen to based on my mood aka my PTSD. Sometimes I can benefit from the music and help my PTSD symptoms with it. I'm not musically inclined or in other words able to play any instrument. I did at one point have an interest in learning to play the guitar but that interest faded. I am content with my music collection that is ever growing and I love to find new artists that I can add to my digital collection.


Vaping Vaping has become one of my newest hobbies. First off before you get too critical, it has gotten me off cigarettes! If you're one of those people that think vaping is still bad for you, I encourage you to watch this video from a heart surgeon that says otherwise. I love learning about new devices and trying out new devices as well as E-Liquids. Right now a lot of it is trial by error and taking advice from friends and vape shop employees. I am loyal to a specifc vape shop, well, two vape shops but they are the same shop, Ace of Vapes. The employees aren't trying to push you to buy a device and get you out the door. They want to know what you are looking for and what you want to accomplish with vaping and they give their recommendations based off of what you say. You could be looking at a $100+ device and they could say no, all you need for what you're looking for is this - and they will show you a $35 device. They are an awesome group of people and I highly recommend them. As I said before they have two stores, one is in York, PA and the other is in Lancaster, PA. You can find them both on FaceBook at Ace of Vapes - York and Ace of Vapes - Lancaster. Their official website is http://www.aceofvapes.us so check them out, you won't be disappointed!

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